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Marketing Services in Florida

You've built an amazing business. You should be proud! But nobody will be able to find your business without effective, expert marketing.

Pharus Group offers full-service marketing solutions including print, web, and video work. We will work with you to develop an integrated marketing solution that targets the audiences you want to reach in the medium they're most likely to see.

Digital Solutions

We offer a full suite of digital marketing including:
  • Website Design
  • Social Media setup and management
  • Email Marketing

Print Advertising

From newspapers to magazines to direct mail to the yellow pages, make sure your business gets found!

Video Marketing

Whether it's a YouTube video designed to go viral or a TV spot that you want to see in primetime, Pharus Group is here to show your audience what your business has to offer.
Advertising - management in Port Saint Lucie FL
business meeting - public relations in Port Saint Lucie FL

Branding, Relationship Building, and More

The last thing you want is for your company to present a different face to different audiences. Just like you, your business has its own identity. Let us help refine your brand and make sure everyone thinks of your business when they think of your industry.

We Handle It All

Graphic Design

From logo creation to design packages, we can create a complete look for your company, integrated over multiple platforms in a consistent and timely manner for your convenience.

Product and Branding Services

Branding your business properly is essential to longevity along with high productivity and sales. Let us create and implement your consistent image for your product or service across multiple print and digital platforms.

Web Design, Re-design, and SEO

We create and distribute effective digital media using expert knowledge on designing and building websites that drive sales. Our websites are created for visitor ease and with top Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Digital and Print Advertising

Custom advertising design is an integral part of your marketing plan. Strategic methods should be used to create ideal concepts and clear messages. We can help you succeed with your advertising planning and implementation.

Marketing Plan and Research

In today's fragmented media marketplace, our integrated marketing services are based on a master plan, developed to coordinate efforts using all components of the marketing mix.

Video Production

Video is a reflection of your company. A good looking web video will get the message across without distraction, as well as drive web traffic and SEO. We can create custom video to suit your needs.

Competitive Analysis

Product and service need comparison against the competition? See how you stack up with our competitive analysis, customized to suit your company's needs and desires.

Social Media Marketing

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram need careful management to control company image and customer relationships. We can provide guidance for your social marketing campaigns.