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Business Financial Management Services for the Port St Lucie, FL, Area

Thinking of hiring a new employee? Worried whether you're setting prices for your goods or services appropriately? Thinking of buying new equipment or supplies?
You need a financial management team!
Count on Pharus Group to provide you with crystal clear, accurate, objective financial analyses to help you ensure that your business is profitable and growing.

We know financial planning is difficult, and it may seem like a task that has too many variables and unknowns for you to handle. But, with Pharus Group, you are not alone.

Objective, Expert Financial Management and Planning

Your Virtual CFO

As your virtual CFO we analyze your financials and create executive dashboards that graphically represent your financial reality. We will interpret and explain your financials, helping drive decisions that increase profitability and equity development. Additionally, we evaluate and weigh key decisions and strategies based on impact.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Let us help reduce your stress and anxiety through proper cash flow forecasting. This practice takes into account your operating cycle and seasonality to identify cash surpluses and deficits. Understanding when and why these surpluses and deficits will occur enable you to plan accordingly and maintain financial control.
Money saved by utilizing business financial management services in Port St Lucie, FL

Financial Controls

Business owners need financials that are relevant. But, financials are only relevant if they are both accurate and timely. That's why financial controls and clear processes and procedures are so critical.

Complete, Accurate, Objective Financial Statements

Financial statements are like the report card, map, and compass for your business. But that's only true if they are accurate and timely, and properly structured for your unique business. We structure your financials for visibility into key profit centers and to understand your margins. Empowered with this knowledge, you will now know where to deploy your assets and energy.

Full Charge Bookkeeping

Don't have a bookkeeper?
Or would you prefer to outsource your bookkeeping? Our Financial Specialists are well-versed in QuickBooks and are sticklers for detail. They will work with you to ensure your financial records are clean, accurate, and timely.


Successful business owners have a plan, especially for their finances. The Pharus Group finance team will help you create and follow a budget. Every dollar you save goes straight to your bottom line, so it's our aim to help you eliminate waste and help you operate as efficiently as possible.

Funding Preparedness

Seeking financing to accomplish your business's goals? We understand what banks are looking for and how to speak their language, and will assemble business plans and bank financial packages that will increase your odds of approval. If your business isn't currently bankable, we will help devise and implement a plan to reach that goal.

Cash Management

Even profitable businesses can struggle with cash flow and cash management. We will help you understand what is causing your cash management woes and help devise and implement strategies that will improve your cash conversion cycle.