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Business Management Services for the Port St Lucie, FL, Area

Pharus Group specializes in providing multi-disciplined business management and sell-side advisory services to drive profitability, growth and equity development.
You've invested your money, countless hours, and your very lifeblood into making your business operate. But we know that it's difficult--often impossible--to get the operational support that you truly need to keep your business running smoothly.
That's where we come in.
Pharus Group offers all the back office support that your business needs to succeed. From bookkeeping to human resource management to full-scale marketing solutions, we can handle the nitty-gritty work of keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine so that you have time to devote to day-to-day operations.

No matter what type of business you run, trust Pharus Group to make it a success.
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Understanding What We Do: The Minnow and The Whale - A Tale of Business Success

In a land not so far away, there were two similar businesses, one on the east coast, one on the west. The Minnow, the small business on the east coast, bought supplies from the bigger nationally known Whale of a business on the west coast. But the Minnow, a one-person operation, had a vision for his company. He wanted to grow. And when he found out that the Whale was retiring and selling the business, the Minnow got very excited. But the Whale came with a whale of a price, and a commercial loan was the only way it had a chance of a happy ending.

So the Minnow did what any business owner does when they need cash for expansion, he went to the bank. But the past was the past and today is today. Commercial lending for small businesses is at historic levels of tightness, in other words, there wasn't a whale of a chance of getting a traditional loan with what was presented. The bank referred the Minnow to Pharus Group.

The bank sent the Minnow to Pharus Group because they knew that we had the business management skill sets to work with the Minnow's small business and find creative ways to get the deal done. First, Pharus Group worked on funding preparedness for the Minnow's business by preparing the financials for the scrutiny of any lender, public or private. They also did due diligence on the Whale, determining the real value of the Whale, from market share to profit and expenses. Surprisingly, it was determined that the Whale wasn't a massive sperm Whale, but just an older Dolphin. And because the Whale had been in decline and neglected for years, the value and terms of the sale changed. Pharus Group negotiated with the Whale and worked out some private funding, along with public funding that the bank was more than happy to extend once they could see accurate financials.

And after many months of negotiating, and of course the lawyers, the Minnow Swallowed the Whale, the sale was complete.

End of the story? Not even close. Because the Minnow spent years running a one-person operation, he really needed help keeping the Whale afloat in the first few months. What was his newly acquired staff doing? Pharus Group sent in their Human Resource experts to evaluate the staff, create job descriptions, and HR procedures. What about the operations of a large retail store with an international online component? Pharus Group helped set up operational procedures and processes so the Whale could stay on course. Since the business was based on sales, Pharus Group's Marketing team updated their digital presence, from websites to product and training videos.

So after the big swallow, the Minnow still has a little indigestion. But that's just what you get when you run a business, any business. It's still a happy ending to a business dream.

The End

Pharus Group will act as your most trusted advisor. We'll help you coordinate every aspect of your business's bookkeeping and operations, so that you can invest your time into the passion you have for the business itself.

Call us today at 772-223-3344 to learn more about how Pharus Group can help grow your business.